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We are so very privileged and proud to have a Kodiakcoons Maine Coon kitten in our family, and can't thank you enough for our absolutely stunning baby boy. He is an amazing wee man - so happy & healthy, energetic, social with our other cats AND dogs who can't help but love his gorgeous comical nature, and full of furry-purry cuddles!  

Wendy & Lee Arrol

Just an update on Magnum and some photos. Some are recent and some a month or so old. You can see how fast he has grown.

He is almost 8 months old in the latest of the attached photos where he is ‘big’.

He is over 5kg already, but not sure on actual weight as haven’t checked in a while. His personality is awesome... totally awesome.

He is super playful and behaves like a small dog. He is snugly and loves his tummy rubbed and is soooo smooch we cant believe how cool he is.

Everyone who sees him thinks he is gorgeous... both in looks and character.

He NEVER scratches anyone, despite being picked up and dragged around by the kids every 5 minutes.

He practically lives on top of the kids. Sleeping in their laps and on them and in their beds etc.

He gets on wonderfully with the other 2 cats in the house... Momo who is a 15 yr old Burman. And Memphis who is a 1yr old Main coon girl.

Scott Wilson

Meet Bear

Very difficult to photograph because of his coloration and lack of ability to sit still for more than 8 seconds!

Very lively cat with a very independent nature. Certainly the dominant cat or dog in the neighborhood and at only 2 years is still only a adolescent. Bear can be a handful and at times a very challenging cat to own and is a little unusual in that he has many dog like characteristics but his fearless nature is one of the things we love about him.

He has strong playful tendencies and is definitely a mans cat as the games are always full speed and crashing into things, rough and tumble is his thing. Hide and seek is also awesome both hiding and seeking, this game is a requisite every night a 7.30.

The cat tunnel, boxes, car boots and cars are great toys. He loves to ride in the car, power tools (drop saws and nail guns) do not frighten him and riding to the shops on the builders van (twice) is also a good joke. At least for him.

He drives most weekends to the beach with us 3 hours and sits happily on my knee, although at 9kg he is starting to get a bit heavy.

Great cat full of personality but this one not for the faint hearted.

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